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Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Activities and Crafts for Frail Seniors

In addition to puzzles, games, cards, books on tape, adult classes, bingo, and dominoes there are some imaginative crafts that can make time go by quickly and can even be sold at the local bazaar.

For instance, my aunt, who uses a walker, has turned the spare room into a studio for creating handmade items. Hand painted pillow cases, trays, and decorative towels were among the first projects. Hummingbirds have been a favorite theme. Soon the relatives were bringing garage sale objects and flea market finds over for her to decorate with flowers, birds and wild animals.

Greeting cards decorated with bits of lace and ribbon, inspirational quotes, and historical themes are another of her projects. At the church bazaars she sets up a booth with a sign that says part of the proceeds from each sale go to the local humane society. Her table of cards and crafts has a lot of sales and becomes a popular gathering place.

The walls of the room turned studio are filled with boxes of fabrics, paints, special markers for calligraphy, and creative odds and ends.

One craft seems to lead to another, and the items are beautiful keepsakes. My aunt said she turns on some music or a small television in her studio and once she starts being creative time flies.

On holidays when a card arrives from my aunt, it is a work of art that adds a warm, home style touch to the house when I frame it. You can't buy things like that in a store.

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