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Friday, September 28, 2007

"Ouch!'s a disability thing" website from the BBC

Caregivers who assist someone with a disability can gain insight and knowledge from a website at the BBC. The website "Ouch" explains the name comes from the many "ouch" moments experienced by people with disabilities. "Ouch!'s a disability thing" is about the lives and experiences of disabled people. Damon Rose editor of the site, came up with the name. One of the typical "ouch" moments happens when "people just see disability as a problem and push it to one side because they're too scared or embarrassed to embrace it or tackle it. ..disability can be the big elephant in the room that no one talks about - "ouch!"

The "Ouch!" website features news, columns, features and more. There is a podcast, a "razor sharp disability talk show"and articles by "Ouch's team of hotshot columnists" .

To gain wisdom and insight about living with a disability you can visit the "Ouch" website. The blogs recommended by the website include bloggers with both physical or mental disabilities.

Caregivers, family and friends of someone with a disability are often uncomfortable, or as mentioned on the website, "scared or embarrassed" and the disability becomes something that they fear discussing. Entering into the world of those who have a disability, and learning to understand the "ouch" moments, can help to overcome the distance and fear that can create isolation.

As a caregiver sometimes I assist people who have had spinal cord injuries, and we become friends. Reading this website helped me to move a step closer to understanding my friends who have disabilities, and to sharing more of their lives and daily experiences.

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