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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Mothering Mother" Caregiver's Book by Carol D. O'Dell

Both pain and humor are part of award winning author Carol D. O'Dell"s book Mothering Mother . She was adopted at the age of four to southern, fundamentalist parents in their mid-fifties. I read the book excerpt at the website and I loved it. As an adult Carol found herself caregiving for her mother, who had Alzheimer's among other health conditions. She tells the story with humor and love, but the stress and exhaustion of a caregiver's path are part of the tale also.

Carol will be appearing on CNN on October 11 to discuss her caregiving experience, the book
Mothering Mother, and useful information for caregivers. You can read an excerpt from her book at the website. At the website you can also listen to a radio interview with Carol on the subject "Coping with Caregiving" and read an interview.

Carol's blog, also available at the website, had a recent post titled "Tell Your Stories - Ward Off Dementia" about one of her writing workshops. She teaches Journaling and Writing Memoirs at colleges, universities and community centers. She has also been a children's minister for fifteen years.

Carol's schedule is posted at the website and includes many media appearances and workshops so you can catch her on the television, radio or in person.

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