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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mental Exercises - Create Your Own Crosswords

Looking for some mental exercise? At Crossword Puzzle Games I've found a new hobby to share with caregivers and seniors - creating custom crossword puzzles. Free software on the internet allows you to write your own clues and answers. Memory exercises and word games have been long recommended for seniors, or for anyone who wants a mental workout, and this adds a new aspect to crosswords.

To write a crossword puzzle, first you list the words and clues, and then the software produces the information in a crossword puzzle format. For my own projects I am using trivia from historical eras for creating crosswords. For instance, I'm creating a puzzle now with trivia from the 1950's that includes words like "hoola hoop."

I'm always looking for activities for caregivers or activity leaders to use with elderly seniors. There are many sites on the internet for making your own crosswords, and if you want some ideas for themes you can go to sites for special interests, such as memorabilia, trivia, history and so on.

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