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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Don't Walk the Caregiver Path Alone" on Billboards Now

In Michigan ten billboards with the message "Don't Walk the Caregiver Path Alone" have been placed. The message is the theme for The Caregivers Resource Network, a Michigan based organization. At their website caregivers can take a Self-Check Survey on Personal Well Being, that includes 15 questions to measure physical and psychological problems that caregivers often experience.

The "Don't Walk the Caregiver Path Alone" campaign and the health checklist for caregivers point to the caregivers' needs for resources to help with the often overwhelming job of caregiving.

Examples of problems on the caregivers' checklist include the following:

  • Felt completely overwhelmed
  • Felt lonely
  • Been edgey or irritable
  • Had a crying spell
  • Felt ill (headaches, etc.)

The "Don't Walk the Caregiver Path Alone" billboards may help alert caregivers and families to the need for resources and support.

Often caregiving is not recognized as having an overwhelming physical and psychological burden on the caregiver. Demands can be seemingly unlimited and exhaustion and stress reach a high level while caregivers try to continue soldiering on as heroes.

The studies and statistics show, as covered in previous posts on this blog, that caregivers' own health often gives out. Lifespan can be shortened, lifting injuries occur, and depression and anxiety are found at high levels in caregivers.

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