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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memory Improvement Steps at

You can read about ways to improve memory at Did you know that in a 2003 study kids who ate a junk food breakfast performed on tests with reduced memory and attention? Lifestyle habits, studies of memory, and techniques to improve memory that caregivers and seniors might find interesting can be found at under 11 Steps to a Better Brain. The way memory works, what triggers memories, and the steps to improvement are topics covered by the writers.

The article discusses the Mozart and memory connection, and how listening to background music makes people feel relaxed and stimulated so they may perform better in memory activities.

A good night's sleep was also found to improve memory, and exercise improves mental functioning, such as learning, concentration and reasoning. Being able to pay attention and cut out distractions was also among the memory tips.

To read the entire article go to

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