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Friday, September 28, 2007

Book "Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!"

When my friends call me, to talk about their problems taking care of their parents, who need help but refuse help, I am going to advise them after this to read Jacqueline Marcell's compassionate and humorous book, "Elder Rage, or Take My Father...Please!". The book, which is about "how to survive caring for an aging parent" asks "Are you at your wit's end with elder care, and coping with an elderly loved one who...

Makes unreasonable demands, wanting all of your time?
Is experiencing memory loss, dementia/Alzheimer's?
Has become depressed, manipulative, distrustful, or hostile?
Refuses any mention of caregiving or eldercare help?"

The list sounded very familiar to me. It reads just like the things my friends say when they call me for help or for a listening ear.

A look at the chapter titles had me lauphing. Chapter 1 is "If It Isn't Ten Things, It's Twenty" and starts with "I've seen fire and I've seen rain drops keep falling on my head".

Jacqueline has had her own radio program for five years and you can hear it at

Jacqueline Marcell's book is endorsed by a page long list of experts, universities, celebrities, newspapers and so on. The practical information and the true story, uplifted with humor, have been told by Jacqueline at seminars for medical professionals to keep up continuing educational units, on well known televison shows, radio shows, and in personal presentations. She has a busy speaking schedule, and you can check the website schedule to see if she will be in your area.

I felt a little smile coming to me as I read excerpts, and a recognition of familiar situations. How can you help someone who needs help but refuses help? I'm going to read this book.

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