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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Patrick Leer's Blog "Caregivingly Yours" - The Many Sides of Caregiving

"Knowing you are not alone is a beacon for any caregiver, anytime, anywhere" says Patrick Leer at his blog Caregivingly Yours. His wife, Patti, was diagnosed with MS 22 years ago. Patrick's blog "Caregivingly Yours" tells the story of his 15 years of caregiving for her at home and 3 years of caregiving for her at a facililty. He writes about multiple facets of caregiving, including financial issues and a caregiver's lost dreams, celebrating and fun on a birthday, and the psychological issues of caring for a person who is mentally and physically dependent.

Recently Patti and Patrick, and their daughter celebrated Patti's birthday with an outing to The Charles Town Races and Slots for a day of gambling and fun. Patti is legally blind and uses a wheelchair. Patrick explains that Patti enjoys the bright, Disneyland atmosphere, plus everyone else is sitting down too, so she is not "lost in a forest of walking people."

Patti lives in a facility now. In a post several years ago while Patti still lived at home titled "The Point of No Return" Patrick at Caregivingly Yours puts into words what many spousal caregivers have experienced. As MS eroded Patti's mental abilities the caregiving situation became one of total dependence.

Patrick writes "You cease to be, in a sense you suffocate...Too often it's like existing simultaneously in parallel universes."

Patti's health decline continued and they lost the "ability to discuss plans and ideas". At that time Patrick says "That was a frightening and lonely point of no return."

Caregivers who assist someone who is about to move to a facility can take heart from the good news that Patti's move enabled her to receive care 14/7 that she needed and the move worked out well.

The complex issues and many sides of caregiving, the ups and downs, and the new roads taken that are discussed in this blog make it inspiring, interesting and full of useful information.

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