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Friday, September 14, 2007

Finding Local Support for Family Caregivers

When family caregivers are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted there are support groups locally and on the internet that provide shared experiences, advice, and information. The isolation of caregivers is part of the "Caregiver Syndrome" as discussed in a CNN article recently, and joining a group can reduce the stress and loneliness that caregivers often experience.

To search your local area on the internet use your town followed by the words caregiver support. You can also call your local ombudsman, search for a senior consultant, call the local Area Agency on Aging, or browse through the yellow pages.

There's a support group for every condition these days, and from the other group members you can get informal personalized guidance for the issues you are facing. There's nothing like talking things over with another person who has had a similar experience to relieve stresses. When your regular friends are not able to relate to the stresses you are feeling from caregiving then a support group is a place to meet friends you can talk to who will understand.

Caregiver blogs are popular on the internet and caregiver forums provide a place to interact with others.

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