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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Local Article Identifies Violations at Residential Care Facilities

Examination of records of violations at residential care facilities for the elderly was part of an investigative report in today's San Luis Obispo Tribune. The story was titled "County's Worst Offending Homes Are Cited After Repeat Violations". Poor medication management, insufficient and unqualified staffing, poor food quality, and inadequate dementia care provisions were listed as the most common violations found by the Tribune.

The local facilities were listed and violations were discussed in the article. Training the staff to use proper emergency response programs was also an issue at one facility, where a resident wandered outside, fell, and broke a hip.

At another facility inspectors found that staff failed to call 911 after a resident fell and suffered broken ribs.

I would like to add the information that when a frail elder falls caregivers can call 911 for rescue workers to come to the house. The fire department provides a free lift assist and the rescue workers can check for injuries. If there is any chance at all that there is an injury caregivers can call 911 for an ambulance to bring paramedics and transport to the emergency room.

Moving someone who has an injury can make the injury worse. Let trained medical personnel check for injuries and lift someone from the floor. The local fire department provides a free lift assist. Call 911 when there is a fall and ask for rescue workers to come to the house for a lift assist.

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